ESXi 5.0

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  • Don't forget that ESXi can install to USB thumb drive
  • x64 only

Drive Management


  • Remount NFS: esxcfg-nas -r
  • Remount iSCSI: esxcfg-volume -l and then esxcfg-volume -m <datastorename>


  • There are two types of RDMs, a detailed explanation and usage guide can be found here.
    • vmkfstools -z
      • This creates a vmdk file that maps directly to the physical drive
    • vmkfstools -r
      • This creates a vmdk file that maps to the physical drive and can be used like any other vmfs file system (snapshot-able)
vmkfstools -z /vmfs/devices/disks/vml.01000000002023353030 /location/RDMs/Name-Of-Disk.vmdk -a lsilogic


To convert a thick provisioned disk to thin:

vmkfstools -i SERVERNAME.vmdk -d thin thinSERVERNAME.vmdk


Article about the troubles of vmkernel ports and lan segements.

Host Management

Resource Pools

Dell Hosts


  • The hypervisor can read BMC sensors in the following models:
    • 2950 Gen II

Open Manage

  • For detailed information on OM and ESXi 5.0 go here Dell Wiki

Node Installation

  • You will need to install the management node into the hypervisor via VIB package. This does require a host restart
  1. Shutdown all guests and put the host into maintenance mode.
  2. Gain shell access, there are multiple ways but the easiest is usually via ssh or direct console.
  3. Transfer/download the offline bundle to the server (usually a zip file)
  4. esxcli software vib install -d /{path to offline bundle}
  • It will pause for a little bit, scare you, and then return with the installation results.
5. Reboot the server to complete the installation

Manager Installation

  • In order to complete the OM system you will need a Server 2008 machine (vm or physical) to install OMSA on.

PERC CLI Installation

  1. The installed VIB Package can be listed using command: `esxcli software vib list | grep perccli`
  2. The VIB Package can be installed using the command: `esxcli software vib install -v=/vmware-perccli-007.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.vib --no-sig-check`
  3. Get controller info by switching to `cd /opt/lsi/perccli` and executing `./perccli /c0 show`

PERC Commands

perccli /c0 add vd type=r0 name="Backups" drives=6 to make a RAID 0 of a single drive

HP Hosts


  • The hypervisor can read BMC sensors in the following models:
    • HP Proliant DL350