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Partition Tables/MBR

  • Erase just the MBR and not the partition table: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=446 count=1
  • Erase the MBR and partition table: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1

  • LVM is capable of raid levels and in most cases is as performant as mdadm.
    • When using LVM for raid don't forget to create your LV's with a stride that you can then match to your filesystem chunk size later.


  • This script calculates recommended settings for creating ext2, ext3 or ext4 filesystems on RAID devices.
    • If you'll be storing large files like movies you can set your chunk size to 512kb.
    • Number of filesystem blocks in kb should almost always be 4.

Flexible Partitioning

zfs/btrfs reference sheet

  • For linux distros there are now kernel modules for ZFS instead of just fuse.