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General Stuff

  • Performance turning info here

NFS Options

  • You can unmount a broken NFS mount with umount.nfs4 /some/mountpoint -f

Export Options


  • no_root_squash is a setting that allows nfs clients to connect as root. Without this setting, the root user on clients that connect has the permissions of the user 'nfsnobody', uid 65534
  • insecure means that clients can mount on ports above 1024

Mount Options /mnt/local_dir nfs4 _netdev,hard,ac,proto=tcp,intr,async 0 0

NOTE: Setting proto=udp can cause hangs.

  • _netdev tells the OS to wait until the network is up before it mounts

Win NFS Server

  • If you see a uid of 4294967294 thats -1 and means theres a mapping problem
  • You can mount the windows NFS share as root but you can only change permissions as an AD auth'd user. In particular the only user that can change permissions is the file/folder owner.
--!!-- If allow root is turned off sudo will not work --!!--
  • Unix accounts map to the following three permissions:
    • Owner = AD User account
    • Group = AD Group account
    • Other = Special account Everyone
File permissions of 755 would be labeled as "Special" in windows
  • Linux NFS clients and servers use AUTH_SYS security so if you want to use Kerberos you'll need to set up RPCSEC_GSS - Kerberos NFS Setup